Cory McKim PGA

Golf Cruise Expert, Passionate, & Friendly


In the world of golf and cruises, Cory McKim is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable PGA professional.  His 10+ years actively servicing cruise ship golf clientele around the world has led him to develop what is now Hawaii Golf Cruises.  Cory’s passion is to bring the spirit of Aloha to individual golfers, couples and especially golf groups from around the world.

With over 500 positive comments from golfers that have sailed with Cory, he has developed a lot of raving fans.  Cory considers the Norwegian Pride of America 7-day inter island cruise to be the #1 golf itinerary.  Here is why Cory loves the Hawaii inter-island itinerary.

  • The only cruise ship itinerary with golf available everyday (no sea days)
  • Visit the most popular and best islands Hawaii have to offer
  • Access to Hawaii’s top championship courses
  • Ultimate Convenience: Unpack once and play golf on 4 different islands
  • Each golf course and experience is uniquely different
  • Great Food & Entertainment all in one spot, no need to drive
  • Something to do every day for the non-golfer in the group
  • The best weather on the planet
  • Arrive with a Smile and leave with Aloha

Although Cory has spent the last 6+ years in Hawaii on board the Pride of America, he gained previous experience onboard multiple cruise lines such as Princess, Celebrity, Carnival, P&O and Silver Seas in the Caribbean, South America, Alaska, Mediterranean, and Baltic.  The majority of these cruise lines sail by the Hawaiian Islands during their transitional voyages from Alaska, Mexico and the South Pacific.

What can Cory do for you?

If you want to take a golf trip with your significant other, friends (golfing and non-golfing), or get together a group from your golf club, let Cory do all the preparation work so you can relax and enjoy the convenience of your golf cruise.  Utilize Cory’s vast experience and expertise to ensure you get to play the courses you have dreamed about for the best value possible.